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Good News from the 18th National University Students Intelligent Car Competition

Publish date:2023-08-23click:76

Recently, the Aerospace Smart Logistics Event and the iFLYTEK Smart Agriculture Event of the 18th National University Students Intelligent Car Competition have been successfully concluded, and the teams guided by Professor Hu Hui and teacher Zhao Jiao of the School of Transportation Engineering won the first and second prizes in the two competitions respectively, which is the third consecutive year that our team has won the first prize of the Aerospace Event, and also achieved a breakthrough in the national award of iFLYTEK Event.

The National University Students Intelligent Car Competition is a national A college student discipline and skill competition supported by the Quality Engineering of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, and was later entrusted by the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and sponsored by the Automation Society. The competition is guided by the guiding ideology of based on cultivation, emphasis on participation, encouragement of exploration, and pursuit of excellence, aiming to stimulate the interest and potential of college students in scientific research and exploration, and cultivate their comprehensive knowledge application ability, engineering practice ability and innovative spirit.

The Aerospace Smart Logistics Event was organized by the Third Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry of China, and after the online qualifiers, divisional trials and national finals, the Walker team of our institute scored fifth in the country in the online qualifiers in April and won the sponsored car model; In the divisional selection held in Beijing in July, the team stood out from 176 college teams from all over the country with the first overall score, becoming one of the 76 teams that advanced to the national finals and won the first prize in the divisional competition. On August 13, the finals ended in Chongqing, and the team finally won the first prize in the country with the fourth place in the final. The team consists of five students: Wang Rui, Fu Si'an, Ma Nanya, Wang Mei and Guan Tian.

Organized by Suzhou Advanced Research Institute of China University of Science and iFLYTEK (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., the iFLYTEK Smart Agriculture Event was held in Suzhou in early August, with a total of 124 university teams participating. Our team stood out in the selection competition, successfully advanced to the finals, and won the second prize in the divisional competition and the second prize in the national finals, refreshing our school's best results in this competition. The team consists of five students: graduate student Zhang Wenjing, undergraduate students Dong Ruiqi, Huang Yizhuo, Ji Siqi and Gao Tianhao.

The National University Students Intelligent Car Competition aims to improve the comprehensive skills of the participants in the application of intelligent perception and control technology in production and life. Since mid-March, the two teams have been actively preparing for the competition, including simulation model making, real vehicle assembly, hardware maintenance, software programming, program testing and real-life competition simulation, and after nearly five months of unremitting efforts, they finally achieved excellent results, demonstrating the leading position of our university in the field of unmanned driving and intelligent logistics in colleges and universities in China.

Figure 1 Group photo of teacher and students of aerospace intelligent logistics group

Figure 2 the scene of the Aerospace Smart Logistics competition

Figure 3 Group photo of iFLYTEK team members

Figure 4 The scene of the iFLYTEK Smart Agriculture competition