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School of Transportation Engineering Holds Mobilization Meeting for 2024 National Natural Science Foundation Applications

Publish date:2024-01-03click:48

In order to effectively organize the application process for the 2024 National Natural Science Foundation and further enhance the quality of project proposals, as well as promote the improvement of scientific and technological innovation capabilities, a mobilization meeting for the 2024 National Natural Science Foundation applications was held at 4:00 p.m. on December 27th in the Lecture Hall of the Academic Exchange Center in the South Campus. The meeting was conducted both online and offline, with more than 50 faculty members and students in attendance. The meeting was presided over by Ge Ying'en, the Dean of the School.

Dean Ge Ying'en emphasized the importance of strengthening organizational scientific research, collective consultation and guidance, and mobilizing efforts to ensure that the application process is well executed in collaboration with the faculty members.


The School invited Professor Hu Xiangpei from the School of Economics and Management at Dalian University of Technology to deliver a presentation entitled Reflections and Insights on Applying for National Natural Science Foundation Projects to the faculty members. Professor Hu Xiangpei provided a detailed analysis of key issues, such as project selection, abstract writing, and argumentation, in order to improve the success rate of grant applications. He also shared strategies for applying for National Natural Science Foundation projects based on his own experience and addressed questions and concerns raised by the faculty members.


Dean Ge Ying'en presided over the meeting

Professor Hu Xiangpei delivered an online presentation

Meeting venue

Through this presentation, valuable suggestions were provided to the faculty members of the School regarding the writing of grant proposals. The attending faculty members expressed their commitment to actively cooperate with the application process for the 2024 National Natural Science Foundation, aiming to achieve new breakthroughs in project approvals and funding allocations.