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Big Data Management and Application Engineering

In order to adapt to the development of the booming big data era and cultivate professional talents majored in big data management and application, Chang‘an University set up the Department of Big Data Management and Application (BigDataMA) in the College of Transportation Engineering in April 2020, that integrated the related resources in three high-ranked colleges of Highway College, School of Automobile, and School of Economics and Management.

BigDataMA owns very strong faculty group and superior research conditions. Up to now, it has formed the excellent group of teaching in charged by Prof. WANG Jianwei and Prof. YUAN Changwei. There are 17 faculties consisting of two full professors, four associate professors, eleven assistant professors, and seven doctorial/master’s advisors. As for the nationally high-level talents, one teacher receives the Special Government Subsidy of the State Council, and one teacher is ranked as the Young Scientific and Technological Talents of the Ministry of Transport.

The faculties have different education backgrounds and major in the related subjects of transportation, computer sciences, mathematics, and information managements. In recent years, BigDataMA group has undertaken many national, ministerial and provincial projects, and published over hundreds of research papers. In addition, BigDataMA owns many excellent research platforms of big data, such as the “Digital Engineering Research Center of transportation infrastructure of Ministry of Education” and the “Comprehensive Transportation Big Data Analysis and Application Platform”. These platforms provide powerful support for the students and teachers in related teaching and research practices.

BigDataMA has run the undergraduate major of big data management and application. This major is one kind of the five new engineering majors largely supported by Ministry of Education. It is oriented to the development of new emerging theories and techniques in data science and data management, and serves to the national data development strategy. The cultivation purpose targets to the talents with high levels of the adaptation ability to the demand of national big data strategy, the political quality and moral cultivation, and the critical thinking ability of data sciences and techniques. Under this background, this major is mainly committed to cultivate the students’ ability of intelligent data decision for addressing complex and practical problems by systematic and basic theories and techniques in data science, modern data governance, artificial intelligence and other related topic fields. With these professional cultivation process, each student will obtain the management degree.