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Institute for Transportation Safety and Environment

The Institute of Transportation Safety and Environment has 14 full-time teachers, including 5 professors and 2 associate professors. There are 5 doctoral supervisors and 8 master supervisors in the teaching staff. There are more than 10 doctoral candidates and 40 master candidates. The members have multidisciplinary backgrounds in transportation engineering, transportation, traffic information and control, etc. They form an academic echelon with reasonable knowledge structure and age level, and have strong ability to tackle scientific and technological problems.

In recent years, the Institute of Transportation Safety and Environment has hosted and participated in more than 30 National Key Research and Development Project and National Natural Science Foundation of China, and over 70 vertical research projects at the provincial, ministerial levels, and department and bureau levels, and have won 6 provincial and ministerial awards. Members of the institute serve as reviewers in many top journals at home and abroad, and have published more than 200 high-level papers, including 53 papers were indexed by SCI and 77 by EI. Members have obtained 46 patents and published 24 books, and they also make great contributions to a number of industry standards for Ministry of Transport, group standards and local standards as editors and co-editors. These theoretical achievements are in a relatively leading position in the field of domestic transportation safety and environmental research, and have formed a scientific research and comprehensive service platform integrating production, study and research.

The institute attaches great importance to strengthening international cooperation and exchanges. It has conducted mutual visits with MIT, the University of Washington, the University of California at Davis, the University of Louisiana, the University of New South Wales, and established extensive scientific research cooperation relations. Members have focused on enhancing the security of man-vehicle-road- environmental traffic system comprehensively by using the modern transportation technology, man-machine engineering, automobile theory, systems engineering, big data collection and analysis technology, etc. The driving risk detection, infrastructure, safety design, operational management and control, safety education and law enforcement, the active safety control equipment design, etc., are considered in their research.

The main research interests include:

Theory and method of road traffic safety facilities design;

Road operation risk control and emergency management technology;

Traffic behavior analysis technology based on human factor engineering;

Safety assessment of intelligent network vehicle and driverless traffic operation;

Vehicle safety operation monitoring, and active prevention and control technology;

Active safety prevention and control and product development based on human-vehicle-road system coupling;

Analysis and reappearance of road traffic accidents;

Big data analysis and risk decision of transportation safety;

Theory and method of road traffic complex network analysis; 

Research on traffic environmental impact and carbon emission;

Research and development of vehicle emission monitoring system;