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Institute of Big Transportation Data and Artificial Intelligence

As one of the most representative techniques in the current history, big data have become a new driving power to the world economy and social development. On the other hand, the emergence of big data brings a variety of opportunities and challenges to the artificial intelligence community. Based on those circumstances, Chang’an Institute of Big Transportation Data and Artificial Intelligence was founded in 2020.

The motto of our institute is strengthening our foundation with science and fortifying our determination with transportation. Based on the Chinese national plan to build a world-class university as well as the advantageous discipline, we devote to developing smart transportation and combining traditional transportation expertise and cutting-edge techniques. As our name implies, big data and artificial intelligence are two active topics in our researches.

There are 5 professors, 4 associate professors, and 4 other faculty members in our institute. It is worth noting that several distinguished researchers are entitled to high-level talents by national and provincial bureaus. Our faculty members draw from a variety of disciplines including data science, applied mathematics, information science, and system engineering. Each member enjoys complete expertise and diverse knowledge.

Aiming at improving the software and hardware configuration, we establish a high-performance computing platform that satisfies the condition from the big transportation data and artificial intelligence algorithms. In addition, there are two more influential platforms in our institute. The first one is the Research Center for Building Information Modeling which is established by the National Ministry of Education. We also construct the Platform to Comprehensive Transportation Analyses and Applications with the support from Xi’an Bureau of Science and Technique. It is clear that the preceding resources provide a valuable way to inspire specialized data management, data mining, and practical applications.

The recent years have witnessed fruitful developments in our institute. We shouldered more than 20 national and provincial research projects and published more than 100 research papers. It is worth stating that nearly 30 papers are collected by the high-recognized scientific dataset such as Science Citation Index (SCI), Engineering Index (EI), Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), and Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI).

The research interests in our institute include but not limited to:

(1) Big Transportation Data Platform and Architecture

(2) Big Transportation Data Management and Modeling

(3) Machine Learning in Big Transportation Data

(4) Transportation Decision Making Assisted by Artificial Intelligence

(5) Big Transportation Data Governance and Policy

(6) Building Information Modeling