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Institute of Rail Transit and Civil Aviation Transportation Engineering

The Institute of Rail Transit and Civil Aviation Transportation Engineering of Chang'an University was formed in 2020, with the establishment of the College of Transportation Engineering. It is mainly responsible for the study and education work related to the rail transportation and civil aviation transportation, which is under the discipline of transportation engineering and transportation planning and management (national key discipline). 

Currently, there are 8 regular faculties: including 5 professors, 1 associate professor, and 2 assistant professors, all with a doctorate degree. Most of them have the experience of visiting and studying in famous overseas universities. Regarding to the research platform, there are a simulation platform for metro trains management, a ATC simulation platform for automatic control of train operation and so on. It has established long-term cooperation relations with Western Airport Group, China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Group Co.,Ltd., Railway Engineering Consulting Group Co.,Ltd., Beijing Urban Construction Group Co.,Ltd., Xi'an Metro Group, Hisense Network Technology Company, and so on. 

The institute mainly focuses on the study work about urban railway and civil aviation, i.e., urban rail transit planning and design, railway construction management, TOD development technology, operation management and facility maintenance for urban railway, operation safety and service quality assessment for railway traffic, airport transportation planning and design, civil aviation route and route planning and design, airport traffic management and facility maintenance. In the past five years, our research outcomes contain 2 academic monographs, 7 authorized national invention patents and software copyrights, 5 times of 5 industry norms and standards formulation and more than 30 papers in high-level international journals, such as Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, Safety Science, Accident Analysis & Prevention, Journal of Railways, Journal of Transportation Engineering, Highway Traffic Technology, etc. 

Members of our institute actively participates in the scientific research work of rail transit and intercity railway engineering projects for many Chinese cities, such as the survey of residents' travel in Xi'an, the planning of the urban rail transit network of Xi'an, the eastern Guangdong urban agglomeration and the Guanzhong urban agglomeration metropolitan area Rapid rail transit network planning, the passenger flow forecasting work for several Xi'an subway line construction projects. We have made contributions to the “China’s strength in transportation”, the Belt and Road initiative, and regional economy Social.