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1. Department responsibilities


The Office of Student Affairs, under guidance of Student Work Department (office) and leadership of the college, takes charge of ideological and political education and management, organization and service of daily routine. The details are as follows:


(1) Take charge of team construction and daily management for student counsellors and head teachers;

(2) Take charge of ideological and political education of students and carry out the Party's and the State's educational policies;

(3) Take charge of Party construction for students in the college, and carry out education, training and inspection of student Party members;

(4) Take charge of offering class construction and management for students, and student cadre selection and training;

(5) Take charge of student awards and grants, and help students to finish school;

(6) Take charge of student career guidance and career planning, and help students conduct reasonable selection and get jobs;

(7) Take charge of psychological health education of students, and help the school mental center for psychological survey and counseling;

(8) Complete other various work assigned by the superior department and leaders.


2. Office address and telephone

South Campus

Address: 611, White Building,North Courtyard,South Campus, Chang'an University

Tel: 029-82334067

North Campus

Address: 307, Beichen Building, North Campus, Chang'an University

Tel: 029-61105375